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The purpose of personnel policy of “KLPE” (КейЭлПиИ) LLP is to ensure an optimal balance of processes of renovation and preservation of the number and qualified staff in compliance with the needs of our company, requirements of applicable legislation and labor market condition.


We appreciate the professionalism of our employees, their desire to achieve results and a willingness to work in a team.


“KLPE” (КейЭлПиИ) LLP provides for enhanced opportunities to disclosure one’s potential and career growth of its employees.


Willingness and ability of employees to work productively, develop themselves, learn new things is a pledge of “KLPE” (КейЭлПиИ) LLP long-term success. Therefore, the company attaches great importance to raising the professional level of the team on social and human resources policy related matters.Social policy of “KLPE” (КейЭлПиИ) LLP aims to create healthy working conditions in a team, which allows employees to successfully perform their core functions.
Our company offers its employees a social services package, including medical insurance, financial assistance for medical treatment and rehabilitation of employees during vacation time and many others.


If you are enthusiastic to work in a friendly team of “KLPE” (КейЭлПиИ) LLP to achieve our main goal - construction and operation of the integrated petrochemical complex of world importance, you have a higher education, work experience in related areas, you speak English, we are happy to consider your CV in Russian and English languages. To do this please follow the link below.