Capacity of the plant

800 000 metric tons of polyethylene per year.





High density polyethylene (HDPE)– 400 thousand metric tons per year is characterized by good impact resistance capability and higher heat resistance, has excellent dielectric characteristics, is biologically inert, a perfect barrier to moisture, can be easily processed.

Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) –400 thousand tons per year is characterized by high chemical resistance, high performance properties at low and high temperatures, perfect melt elasticity, is biologically inert and eco-friendly, does not emit toxic substances


The products are basic for release of products of fifth and sixth stage, will allow producing a wide range of industrial and consumer goods.



Scope of application and options of further phases

HDPE is issued for manufacture of packs, blown bottles, barrels and fuel cans which serve for transportation and storage of any chemical and hazardous substances, as well as for production of pipes, covers, wash basins, bottles for shampoos, cosmetics, cleaning agents.

LLDPE is used for manufacture of stretch films for machine and manual packetizing, lamination and composite films, various packing materials, bags for frozen food and hot food products.